Through Julie's affirming voice, people feel that the work they are doing to become physically and mentally fit is important. She’s inspiring! The community is positively
impacted by anyone who can inspire and motivate people to be their very best.
– Dorothy Coleman, UnitedHealthcare

Julie inspires people to acknowledge the goodness they already have and challenges them to become healthier and wiser about choices they make. Her demeanor is special--always positive and enthusiastic, affirming and encouraging. She’s a gift.
– Keith Harrison, P & G

Julie's work has inspired people to workout, eat more nutritiously, lose weight, seek doctor's counsel, and treat their bodies with respect and dignity. Now that’s good work!
– Ingrid Jones, P & G

I was once told that you should never aspire to be a rising star but instead you should be a moon (BAM), for there are millions of stars in the sky and only one moon. Although stars eventually burn out, the moon will always remain bright. Julie Isphording is not a rising star, she is a moon.
– Shannon Tokarski, Wright Brothers

Julie brings a special positive attitude to all these endeavors and with her encouragement; everyone finds success and fulfillment at their own personal level. She is the “Oprah of Fitness”. . .
– Kristy Mescher, Kraft Foods

Her focus on excellence and positiveness has been hallmarks of her professional and community career. The standards of fairness and decency that she works under are inspirational to everyone. Her reputation for open honesty has made her a highly respected spokesperson for every organization she has worked for --especially for all women in sports.
– Jim Monton, P & G

All the activities of her company, including the radio show, races, books, speeches and consulting have had a positive impact on thousands of people. The product she has created— improving lives and helping people to be more fit and healthy—is special.
– Buck Niehoff, philanthropist and author

Julie is such a kind and generous person! Her spontaneous celebrity appearance at our booth was a treat. She spent so much time with every one. Her work with Cooking Light Magazine is another example of her persistent enthusiasm as a spokesperson for running and walking.
– Ellen Wessel , Russell Athletic

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing such a fabulous article in The Enquirer on I severely sprained my right ankle training for a marathon. I spent the first couple of days in tears realizing that all this training just went out the window…until I read your article! I got rid of the tears and ever since it has been nothing but smiles for me. I really just wanted to thank you for brightening my entire outlook on my running. I have a copy of your article in my office so I can constantly be reminded of what I have to look forward to.
– Amy Pescovitz

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed your article on running in today's Enquirer. It was really fantastic! Some time with all the other obligations in our life exercise just becomes one more thing to put on our to-do list. It can be overwhelming. But taking an attitude like yours -- make it whatever you want, with as many people as you and as high-tech or low-tech as you want -- can really help make it ME time.
– Sue Sherman, President Strollerfit

I can't begin to tell you how uplifted we both felt after your speech to the OPRA group. Everything out of your mouth was noteworthy and it was all I could do to jot it all down You were not only inspirational but also a wealth of practical information.
– Alyce Vilines, author

No one will ever have concrete data numbering how many people changed the course of their lives or how many positive actions were done because of the inspiration Julie provided. But that is the hallmark of an excellent teacher: reaching to as many people as one can and deftly, skillfully exacting change through word and deed.
Vic DiPilla, VP Christ Hospital

Great leaders know that people follow by example and not just by words alone. Julie does not simply walk the talk; she runs the talk. Even while rehabbing from reconstruction surgery to both of her feet, Julie stayed focused and selfless. Nothing stops her from wanting to help other people achieve their potential. Nothing pleases her more than seeing people meet their goals.
Peter Craig, McDonalds

The community benefits from having citizens who are out there, moving, doing, deciding, acting on their dreams. Julie is the undercurrent of that river of dreams.
Lynn Marmer, Kroger

We can't thank you enough for all your help on the Flying Pig television broadcast! From start to finish, you made the broadcast worth watching... from helping us with live shots, to the expert commentary to the laughter.The list goes on and on.
Bill Hager, Senior Producer, WLWT-TV

Like all good conversations, you emerge from Julie’s radio show with a sense that time stood still while, at the same time, great things were accomplished.
Jon Gordon, author, The Energy Addict.

Julie reminds you that the most beautiful thing under the sun is being under the sun.
She truly taught me that I am outrageously wonderful…with a gentle reminder, “but don’t stop there!” Andy Lewis, VP Staples

Julie is a great interviewer—her presences, rapport, the space she creates, her depth and more. I am thankful for the all the work she does in bringing more to the world. Judith Wright, author Soft Addictions

I could not have crossed the finish line without you. You are the voice I carry with me as I run thru the race. Donna Johnson, Minister

Your presentation to the Toyota executives was great. They were so overwhelmed by your words. Thanks again for a job well-done.
Steve Hegge Sr. Executive United Way

Talk shows such as Julie Isphording’s proved a practical, real way for people to put dreams into action as opposed to spouting off and doing nothing.
Stephen Covey, author

Clearly, you saved the day and stepped up to the true challenge at every turn. Your unbelievable announcing, commentary and knowledge came thru loud and clear on the speakers to the 12,000 runners and walkers. Thanks for making the day special for everyone.
Patricia Latessa, Race for the Cure

Great job. They are still taking about your presentation. You are an incredible speaker and person. Mike McQuen, National City Bank

Your talk was terrific. You touched what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” We’ll all be inspired for days to come. Stan Chesley, Esq

Your words are very encouraging. I want to thank you.
AG Lafley CEO Procter & Gamble

You added so much to our broadcast. You color commentary is tremendous. Thanks for making the ratings so high. We owe you.
Gretchen MacKnight, producer ABC-Cincinnati

Your remarks were so inspirational. Your speech gave us a new perspective as we try to achieve our company goals. You also reminded us that a good team is made up of dedicated individuals. Thank you for the motivation you provided to our Leadership group.
Jim Bolte VP Toyota Motor manufacturing NA